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All long term liveries please note due to passport legislation you must ensure you leave your horse’s passport & vaccination certificate with us.

• We ask that all horses have their bloods taken to check for infectious disease such as Strangles and EHV. This is not only for own horses welfare but also your own. CH Equestrian prides themselves on biosecurity. • The yard shall at all times during the Term provide the Services in an efficient and professional manner which meets the welfare needs of the horse and in so doing will exercise all the skill, care and diligence that might be expected of a competent professional yard. • The Owner shall observe any rules or requirements relating to those premises as notified to the Owner by the CH Equestrian. • I understand that unless caused through CH Equestrian’s negligence or that of CH Equestrian’s employees, and except as imposed by statute, CH Equestrian and its employees shall not be liable for any injury, illness or death to me or my horse, or for any loss of or damage to my personal property however caused. • I understand CH Equestrian is not responsible for the negligence of veterinary surgeons or farriers attending the yard and that if I have any dispute with the above then this will be taken up directly with them. • I warrant that my horse is in general good state of health and free from any infectious diseases. • I authorise CH Equestrian to call out a veterinary surgeon to attend my horse when is deemed necessary. • I authorise CH Equestrian to consent on my behalf to such examination, diagnostic tests, and treatment, as the Veterinary Surgeon considers necessary. • In the event of a serious illness or injury I consent to referral of my horse to a specialist centre if required and I accept that a copy of this form will be given to the Veterinary Hospital as evidence of that consent. • I authorise the Veterinary Surgeon attending my horse to disclose to CH Equestrian the results of any examinations or tests carried out, in so far as they may be relevant to the health and well-being of my, or any other horse on the premises. • I will ensure that no children under the age of 16 years are brought onto the premises of the yard unless under supervision of the Owner at all times. • I undertake to pay any Veterinary or medical fees incurred in treating any illness or injury to my horse however caused. • I understand that singing this form does not affect my statutory rights. • I understand that this form becomes the basis of the contract between myself and CH Equestrian.

Fees, and terms of payment and financial matters.

• In consideration for the provision of the Services the Owner will pay to CH Equestrian the fee and any additional sums due under this Agreement. • In the event that the fee or any additional sum due under this Agreement remains unpaid for more than 6 months after they first become due, the Owner agrees that CH Equestrian may sell the Horse, provided that written notice has been given to the Owner (at the address set out at the beginning of this Agreement) of the intention to sell, at least 7 days before sale. From the monies received from the sale of the Horse, the CH Equestrian may retain such sums as cover of any unpaid sums due under this Agreement and the reasonable costs of sale. Any remaining money shall be returned to the Owner within 30 days of sale. • This Agreement shall last for the Term, subject to earlier termination in accordance with this Agreement. • CH Equestrian or the Owner may at any times terminate this Agreement or any part of it by giving written notice to the other of not less than the 30 day Notice Period.


No amendment of the terms of the Agreement shall be valid or binding unless made by prior written agreement between CH Equestrian and the Owner. •This Agreement shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. •If for any reason you are unhappy, or wish your horse not to appear in any of our promotional/social media material please let us know immediately by email or by telephone.

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